Our signature massage experience includes a single-note aromatherapy crème massage and hot towels. Enjoy the art of utter well-being by upgrading to Decléor warm aromatic massage balm.

Sweet Dreams Swedish Massage

Calm your mind, body and spirit. Drift away with this classic massage using gentle pressure and long flowing movements.
50 min – $105 80 min – $160

Sports Massage

Popular with athletes and sports enthusiasts. Special techniques stretch tight muscles, improve soft tissue condition, increase flexibility, prevent injuries and enhance performance.
50 min – $125 80 min – $180

Prenatal Massage

A nurturing massage for the mother-to-be. A specialized pregnancy pillow system lends support while our expert therapists provide gentle care. Swelling and stress on the body give way to restored vitality.
50 min – $125 80 min – $180

Couples Massage (Couples or Friends)

Friends and loved ones spend quality time side by side in our luxurious couple’s spa suite. For your comfort, Hot Stone Massages are performed in separate rooms.
Swedish per couple 50 min – $210 80 min – $320
Deep Tissue per couple 50 min – $250 80 min – $360

Deep Tissue Massage

Working at a deeper muscle level, therapists use firm to strong pressure with slow-guided strokes to release severe tension. Recommended for consistent pain and soreness.
50 min – $125 80 min – $180

Melt Away Hot Stone Massage

A specialty Swedish massage using the warmth of heated basalt stones to penetrate sore muscles and stiff joints while releasing tension and increasing circulation.
80 min – $180

Custom Massage

Our experienced therapists provide a tailored massage to balance your elemental nature using a medley of advanced techniques.
50 min – $125 80 min – $180


are an extraordinary sensory journey that blend time-tested techniques, fine quality aromas, and attentive service to meet your relaxation needs.

Ask about our Wave Cleanse Sensory Steam Shower, a perfect finish for any massage.

MASSAGE: One of the oldest healing arts, massage dates back 3,000 years to the ancient Hindus, Persians and Egyptians. Massage improves circulation and helps relieve the stress and tension of everyday living that can lead to disease and illness. Today, the benefits of massage are far-reaching. Manipulation, movement and re-patterning affect structural changes to the body to help achieve balance.


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