Enhance your spa experience by combining these services with any other spa menu service.


Treat yourself to a symphony of lights to delight your senses with six shower heads offering a rainfall of water, or a private room full of steam for detoxification.

Add-on service:
Single use – 15 min. $30 Couples use – 15 min. $40

Add CBD to your massage

Indulge in relaxation with our soothing CBD and
Rosehip massage oil. Packed with beneficial botanicals like calendula, chamomile, comfrey, dandelion, and ginger, it offers a tranquil experience. The blend of
juniper, orange, cedarwood, and vetiver essential oils creates a harmonious aroma, bringing balance to both mind and body, guiding you into a state of blissful calm.
Add-on service: $20

CBD Foot Soak

Treat your pain & inflammation with the soothing benefits of CBD & pure magnesium.

Add-on service:
Single use – 15 min. $45


When an essential oil or blend of oils is inhaled the aroma molecules move up the nasal passageways and trigger olfactory and nerve receptors that directly affect the limbic system, the part of the brain responsible for emotion and memory. This stimulates the brain to release neurochemicals and hormones that have an effect on the body as well as emotional response, helping to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Our current offered blends from Essence One:
Energy – citrus blend, awakening, uplifting, revitalizing
Balance – woodsy, stabilizing, assuring, strengthening
Morning Calm – minty, clarifying, refreshing, grounding
Breathe – eucalyptus/spearmint, clarity & positivity
Sleep – Sweet, balancing, relaxing, calming, soothing

Add on: $10


Spa treatments

Whole-body treatments to recharge and rejuvenate.


Steam Shower

Design the perfect blend of indulgence and tranquility with your very own Spa Package.


Spa Specials

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